Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The State of Poetry

If Robert Frost had a cell phone
Would he call for directions to Blue Berry Hill ?

Suppose Shakespeare used a Black Berry
Would he text message All Poetry . Com
Instead of writing sonnets ?

What if Whitman blogged "Leaves of  Grass "
All eight of his editions , deleting his revisions ?

How much is lost if Emily Dickinson
E mails her poems into cyberspace
Instead of jotting them on scarps of paper ?

Would T.S. Eliot compress "The Wasteland "
For a sixty second spot on CNN News ?

Would a Beatnik translate the language of his odes
Into lucrative ads for Miller High Life
Or General Mills ?

Suppose William Carlos Williams was too busy
Watching The Kardashians to notice
"The Red Wheelbarrow"
Or "A Poor Woman" munching a plum ?

Perhaps Poe a star of his own reality show
Might proclaim : "I only know what I've experienced .
You must be hallucinating , please pass the LSD" ....