Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poetic Yearnings

I want my poetry to dance .

Down the street creating its own beat
With comas , quotation marks and semi colons .

I want a line to hit the splits and spin like Jackie Wilson .
I want a verse to "Say it Loud I'm Black and I'm Proud".
Have you ever seen a poem do The Temptation Walk ?

I want my poetry to awaken .

The cats who's sleeping and mistreating themselves, our
People who are roting in our cities and jail cells . I want
These lines to free minds from the sterotypes
That keeps our folks blind to the truth .

I want my poetry to be sexy .

Not nasty or vulgar but kind a like burlesque, I want it to
Strip ya , dip ya , and seduce you . Have mercy on the
Poet who longs to juice you with a limmerick , no parlor
Tricks with a pen , pad or pencil .  May I woo you as I
Tap each sticking key by twos .

I want my poetry to show love .

To show patience and not be demanding and be just as sweet
As candy . Compassionate and carring . May a line show that
I care and that I'll always be there with love and affection
Within another stanza .  Yes .

I want my poetry to entertain you .

Today and tomorrow with nouns and vowels , some end rhymes ,
A form with the rhythm I was born with .

I want my poetry to dance and romance you just enough
That you'll yearn to read a little more .