Monday, October 1, 2012

The Use of Song Titles and Lyrics

"The clown is drowning in his tears with a frown upon
His face cause the hip chick flicked his Bick then broke
His heart . By now he's on his pity pot with egg drippings
On his face. Ha.ha, ha, he should have listened to the old G.

Not all that glitters is gold and what comes easy isn't always
Good .  Damn , I told you boy that gal is slick like a tube of
 Brlycreme and a little dab won"t do ya . She is that good .

Now you "Ain't Too Proud Too Beg" even though this dame
"Beat You To The Punch" . Sorry my dear brother but your
The notch on her gun . "Now Who's Zooming Who" partner ?

"What Time Is Its ?"  Did you not prove a point that "Gigolo's
Get Lonely Too" and your not even as cool as Mr. Morris Day .
Are you surprised that "Your Not The Only Soul Accused of
Hit and Run" . Like Stevie said "You Met Your Match baby".

Well son, "Everybody Plays The Fool Sometimes" and you won't
Be the first nor the last who "Lost That Loving Feeling". Yes it's
"Gone , Gone , Gone".  Damn "Those Lonely Tear Drops " and
"Get Up Like A Sex Machine ". One monkey don't stop no show.
 "Word Up".


JStar said...

Great write :-)