Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whats Cooking

Man, check out this base line , yeah its cooking . Its groovin' as the funky blues
Chases me down the street with a Louieville Slugger . Ha, ha, ha, hell no bro
Every chance I get I'm gonna jump for joy cause its another day of living , and
Winning , skinning and grinning . Get back ole blues this man ain't pretending .

Put on your track shoes and run and tell it cause I'm not gonna let you dog me
Around . Ooowee , tickle them ivorys buddy , play a some, make yo' money .
I feel so clever and jazzy and it might just be the weather that has me feeling this
Way for its 80 degrees in the shade. Yeah man and its Jan-u-ary . Dig that news.

Hurt, hurt me , hurt me with a guitar solo and yall all know that Jimi isn't dead. His
Soul lives on and the music still playing ."Go Gene Go", that's what they all screamed
When Sal Mineo played his skins in "The Gene Kruppa Story "  Pick up them sticks .
Drummer, give us some just like back in the day when James Brown broke out in a
"Cold Sweat ".  Now "Tighten Up " like Archie Bell and The Drells .

Damn can you feel it ? The vibes, the rhythm , the pace of these muse coming from the
Heart and soul of Brother Poet Who .  Oooh don't "Play Misty" for me, hell I can't even
Remember the words , the lyrics or how the song came to be . Get back ole blues. you
Need to chase yo' mama with Louieville Slugger . Because today I'm smiling and blues dig
This and I ain't living for the city . Man check out this baseline , its cooking and groovin'.

Be Happy !