Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Shit Out of my System (the only way I Know How.)

I left words upon your door step
By now they're freezing cold .

And sense you last kiss, left my lips
I ponder how much longer.

I'll catch each call so damn abrupt
Between your hustle and bustle .

They make me laugh , your out of breath
From all the lies your spewing .

Sorry, I bought enough wolf -tickets to last me
Until  The 12th of Never .

Why in hell are you holding on to me for dear life
Like I'm the cure for your cancer ?

Got-damn -it you can't even look me in the eyes !

Ha,ha, I know my motives and my reasons way
And I'll pray to God it passes .

Right now I'm a walking, talking cunning and baffling
Nightmare , a shoot me down rain barrel jangle .

Just a cool angry motherfucker ,
And that's worse then being highly pissed off .

Once upon a time guilt hit a dame I once knew, so hard
She ran down Brady Street crying .

And all I said was hi !


Ron Porter said...

Raw, angry and visceral; yet held (barely) in control. I like this poem it is a great portrait of a man who is dangerous rather than just pissed off.