Saturday, May 5, 2012

24th and Brown 1971

Some say if things don't change
We'll be riding  bicycles to our jobs .
Perhaps be driving a car like Fred Fintstone
Who lives in a cartoon world .

I think I've seen what some have perceived
Way back in 1971 . There was a dude on the block
Who owned a 1964 "get out and push ".

Truly it was a 64 Fury with a 3 speed shift on the floor
And dude didn't drive it when it rained outside
Cause he had no windows at all .

I can say this much, he did pick the right kind of passengers,
They were well over 200 pounds ,
And yes they were dames .

Picture a hot humid day in Milwaukee and three black girls,
Huffing and  puffing while pushing then screaming ,
"Motherfucka' now , pop the clutch "......


Ron Porter said...

You are the best "storyteller" poet I know, that is writing today