Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diary of a Mad Man

I have filled many pages with these reckonings,
Sometimes I look at them, and they make no sense at all.
It is my way to avoid thinking, about an essential question,
Is he the devil or beast or man. A tomb lays close to the cliffs
Balding grass. I am thinking, its a dog but something has rose
From the dirt. Its a man with black cloak on. Beyond him the
Mooon shines with a silver pewter gleam, and his eyes like two
Balls of fire looks dead at me. Every night I see him, standing
On air outside my window. His face is gaunt and drawn, his gums
so close to white but oh, such horrible teeth . They are pointy
And sharp and there's a ooze of blood upon his chin. Hunger for
Life is multiplied by two each night, he runs like a wolf or flys
Like a bat . I haven't slept for two days now and my body cries out
for sleep. It cries out for Cloral Hydrate . But the thought of the
Drug holding my eyes shut while there's screaming in my brain is much
To much . So I barricade myself behind the bed against the phantom if
He comes. Might he send three lovely Valkyries again, to suck my blood
Then turn me further. May I again kneel down before his coal-dark eyes
With demon gleam ? Seven flies, three spiders is all I had today but
Master he promised me, rats and millions of rats . Mr. Seward read me a
Passage today, he says I'm fairing well. I'm down to eight flies, one
Sparrow and a itsy bitsy mouse . And he never mentioned how much I scream
At night. "Dracula lives, Dracula lives " In addition I must add, that
Mr. Van Hesling is a fraud and phoney. A stake to the heart with the aid
Of a hammer is pure bullshit . I bid you farewell and good night.

Forever yours,

R.M. Renfield


cynport247 said...

I know a mad man very well but instead of rats he eats the souls of those weaker than he. A very good write my friend.