Friday, September 30, 2011

Poet Who

In my pursuit of being a writer at times
I have felt myself growing smaller but then
Again I became stronger.

All rejection slips over time I have pinned
To my wall and now they are trophies. Ah, yes
I grew from many failures.

In June of 2006 my rejection total was six,
And by 2007 it went down to four. In 2008
It was down to only there.

Two years after my first book was out, I came
To the conclusion that I could much more then
"Poet Who".

Being a "Poet Who' is not who I care to be there-
Fore I query and write cover letters. I take risks
And hobknob with those with knowledge.

Great poetry can contain great wisdom but it is never
The reason its great poetry. Its in your form, and the
Shape of your words.

The language used, the colors, the honesty both soul
And words emotionally charged . Then too there is--
Beauty within a lie .

One should want thier work to have a value, for its own
Sake and not for it's utilltarin functions. Sincerely
I leave that for "Poet Who's ".

Your only as great as your last page and the ultimate joy
From the first book is short lived for a writer so true.
What are you known for ?

What have you done ? What is the purpose for the words you
Spew ? Might there be million dollar dreams glowing and
Flowing through your veins ?

Can you be small then crawl before thinking you'll become big?
Ah, it takes alot of work to be more then "Poet Who". Stay humble
And see the journey through .

Bask not in the glory of your pages nor get swollen from the roar
Of feeble applause . Incourage and show courage and do truely what
You do "Poetic Who".