Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All that Jazz

Electronic instrumentations and sweet jazz sensibillities
Thats the "Weather Report" baby, do you re-mem-ber ?
When Lena Horne had given us some "Stormy Weather".
Shoot, brother Wayne Shorter was born on August 1933
So he knew about bad Cab Calloway and his "Hi Dee, Hi Dee
Ho", Zoot suits and chains, that cool jitterbug strolling.
Long before the Weather changed the band was so active
With Coltrane, Miles Davis, and the Maynard Ferguson Band.
Then Zawinul had a 19 month stint with Dinah Washington.
Key board man Zawinul, sax man Shorter, Airto percussion
Gave us the "Weather Report". Can you dig that?
But the "Jazz Crusaders" had invaded the planet long before
With amalgamated Jazz, Pop, and Soul sounds since 1961.
Yeah, forty albums, 19 of which was recorded as "The Jazz
Crusaders", still making a Jazz Junkie "Scratch". Hell yeah
Man, "Street Life", "Chille Con Soul", and many more
Was Samples baby, and Henderson baby long before Chick Corea's
"Return to Forever". Yep another man influenced by Cab Calloway.
When the styles of Rock and Jazz began to merge, gott-damn
All took a front row seat to watch and hear my man Miles Davis .
We are talking a bout the birth of Jazz Fusion, can you dig it ?