Saturday, March 12, 2011


Joy may turn to sorrow when
A sinister shadow pecks slowly these keys.
Obliterating the sun while engulfing some
In a demonically dismal world of darkness.

Scream now, in protest as evil forces attack,
Buffeting the body, rearranging the brain.
Diabolicically transforming
The way you use to think.

Powerless you are,
Now weep.
Venomous fangs pierce deeply
Penetrating each hope and dream.
Whats my name, whats my name?

Search for it, and I'll remember
You shaking like a rattlle in the dark.
In the dark while I write these haunting muse.

No reassuring answers come today,
I'll not comfort you or make you laugh
Nor will you sigh a heavy pant.

Instead, your spirit will groan in agony,
And you'll regret the day your forgot
The poets name.


cynport247 said...

At least I can check out your poetry on your blog or are you giving that up too? I really liked this show of agony and defeat. Reminds me of the alcoholic in his cups.