Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Needed Repairs

We need to mend our fences
and paint them with love.
Then plant kisses and hugs
around the house where love is.

Wipe the dirt off our shoes,
and start anew
then walk through the house that love built.

Shades of hate has no place here.
Envy is the common enemy of who
really dosen't know about unconditional love.

Smoke and mirrors, the magician tricks
can only last for so long.
So repair yourself before the last song begins.

Sweet because thats just the way it is.
Who will sing the truth as you lay dead?
No one during your funeral.

But in the confines of some home,
somewhere, someone will hum
about how much of an asshole you were.
No one out shines God, the maggots or worms.
Are you in need of some repairs?


JStar said...

I love this! I am still in renovation myself but I am nearing results :)