Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mom Love

Father, an Errol Fylnn dashing with thin moustache,
swinging from a balcony, keeping me safe,
and holding my hand when scared.

But mom bore the pain, and gave first love,
and her last. I forgave her for the past.
She often was my Florence Nightingale.

Dispite her wrongs, and daddy he knew it,
yet always said to me.
Boy, obey your mother, and show her respect and love.

Thats a true man, a God fearing man for ya.
Who knew the value of a mother yet didn't
remember the touch of his own mothers hand.

His mom died when he was 2 yrs old, and during
his last days on earth he cried, and so did I.
When he said, Carlus I miss my mother.
Enjoy mom while she's around...


25champ said...

so true nothing like a mother's love good or bad. This hit home. Check this out