Thursday, August 19, 2010

More About Dad

Every week day morn
he'd ease his arms beneath me
then carry his lightweight child
down our carpeted stairs.

I'd hold on to his neck,
his bulging arms so strong.
Its time for breakfast with daddy
before he leaves for work.

Suddenly I'd feel hungry
from eggs and bacon smells.
Dad made sure I'd eat
for he thought I was too frail.

He'd sit me down and we'd chow down,
and silence would melt my heart.
He never had to say a word,
his actions spelled out love.

I could write forever about my dad,
my heart gets full and tears come fast.
But I must let the whole world know
that I miss him and love him a million times over.


25champ said...

I can dig it. My dad is still a major part of my life.. he is the reason I've come this far and the reason why I embraced fatherhood. Good read n thanks 4 sharing.