Monday, May 31, 2010

Love's Door

Never has a heart
gone through so much.

But I leave the door open,
reluctant to shut it.

When I looked into her eyes
it slams, as it closes.

In hand I had Posey's
she didn't like roses.

My heartfelt tears
caused the hinges to rust.

Then the frame burn down
from the flames of my lust.

That door once open
no longer exist.

Its now rubbish and dust
in a shallow ditch.


Anonymous said...

Out of the rubble, even a seed can grow. Everything is used again, just in a different way. I feel the sadness
too closely..bittersweet.

Ron Porter said...

Hey Carlus. Forgive me, I do not have the enrgy to comment on each poem separately. I will comment on the collective sum of the last 20 posts. You have no idea how good you really are. You are able, in a direct and succinct manner,to (paraphrasing Robert Frost) connect at the shortest distance between two emotional points. Magnificent imagery and superb word choice. No frills just raw emotional truth. Gone with your bad self!