Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Break Up 2010

My once halo of love
quickly changed
into my crown of thorns
which pierced my thick hard skull
yet draws no blood.

But now I have this headache
and an imbalance of equalibrium.

Thank God I tripped and didn't fall
on all her trunks and baggage.

I am glad we are through !


JStar said...

This speaks to my heart Carlus! Esp since I just experienced a break up myself...I bet this is how he feels "Not tripping over my baggage"

Anonymous said...

specific in your use of imagery here. A harsh reality visualized in describing pride.
Appreciated how one can identify aspects of their own personal.
Thank you Carlus.

25champ said...

Well Damn!lol I can def relate to this one 4 sure I even post a poem a while back check it out and another briliant post by you. U channel all of the waves in my brain.