Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Not Morning Folks

While outside raking
The mounds of leaves,
I'd look through our bay window
To see what my loves doing.

There'd be bowls on the table,
A box of Bisquick and spoons.
We always ate on time and not a moment sooner.

In back of our wide trailer home
Her daughter in great dismay
Would feed her rabbits while swearing,
I'd scream to her loudly "Hey".

She hated those silly rabbits
And I often wondered why
In the hell she begged to get them,
Months later we found they died.

My love screamed loudly out the door,
"If you want to eat come now"
So we scurried inside the house quicky.
One washed thier hands and I hand her a towel.

We often ate in silence
For no ones the morning type
But love for each other is present
Between each taste and yummy bite.

I miss those days but things have changed
To the better and not the worse.
We'll always have love for each other,
We just ain't morning folks!


25champ said...

Love it. Great Post!Wilmot