Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In The Voice of John Wilmot , Earl of Rochester

From the depths of  my soul do realize
When lines are but a joke .  Does
Anything go since poetic license are mine ?

Count each syllable like its a kiss and by noon
Pray tell, do whisper if you miss me again .
Seek now thy nimble tongue .  Ah !

Love's lesser lightening , sweetly tickling thee ,
Slithering , yes touching slightly , deep within
A stroke of time .  Scream now for me .

Again melt into sperm , liquid raptures I am sure
You've had . Pound hard these mighty meters
Til sweat runs down thy breast in sway .

When there's nothing but a screen to view do cling
To these words of truth . Relayed today my love
With swagger and taste without a doubt .

Forget the loitering and destructive eyes just curious ,
Not as endearing as a kiss upon the lips , a gyration
From one who'll never stray away from heaven .

Ladies and gentleman :

From the bottom of my heart try to realize I'm a friend
And never your foe . When there's nothing but a screen to view
Cling to a sentence so true . Poetic license will not expire .