Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Exit of a King

For thee there's no red carpet good enough
Even though ye are deemed a Goddess
Thy noble King won't bow low enough
To kiss thy ass nor the hem of thy garments.

Swim now though rivers of tears and await
To be rescued by knaves, jesters and fools.
Will they again give sway to thy charms
And wave pizzles from thier flat bottom boat .

Ho'ho, ha, ha this King grows wiser by the day
And he has seen the evil and destruction left
Behind by the cockhound and buyer of wolf-tickets .
Have ye not smelled the piss of jackels before ?

Pray tell, have ye forgotten all displeasures past
With the rugue, the paramour and the popcorn pimp ?
Scallywags await thee and the vagabound blows kisses .

When will ye learn that there's no nobility nor honesty
Within the hearts of the shallow and hoodwinking male .
Oh, let it be done , thy King wishes you well and God
Forbid if someone dares to bow and kiss thy ass again .

1 comments: said...

I remember this one,have ye not smelled the piss of jackals before,always remember that line,terrific write x