Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Knights Tale

My lovely Queen, the battle is over
and I have no need for armor.

Tens of thousands of interlocking rings,
this metal I shed for thee.

Hear my heart without a gambeson, my
padded shirt I wear no more .

For the war is over and I vow to thee,
I'll bare no shield or sword .

Pray tell, how will ye' fair now ?

Might I be the King of your dreams,
the court jester that makes you laugh ?

I fear no hounds nor knave in flight, no
doubt won't play its mandolin .

I pledge to thee both heart and soul, for
not a day is a day without loving you .

So chivalry won't die and a pizzle will rise
when I am in your arms .

Pray tell, how will ye fair now ?