Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Afar

I have watched your vessel from a far
In my tower beyond restless seas.

Hoping you'll see the brightest star light
That will lead you to my heart .

I shan't forbid the awakening of true love
But I fear it may soon wash away again .

Tell me do, what makes me so worthy, I'm
Not aware of such a journey, can it be true ?

That my heart is full of you dispite the vivid
Vision of a storm. Am I blind, why am I blue ?

Since I'm certain as noon day is clear
That I desire you and only you . Fear not my love !

I am naught without the thought of you and I'll take
Note . We'll journey from sea to shiny sea .

Past the old wrecked ships and relics, the ghost and
Tragic endings that haunt within our hearts .

I shan't forbid thee or thy love nor loves awakening,
And I'll harken as much as can. I'm in the tower .

Watching over you while hoping that your heart stays true
For I long to be the captain of your heart .