Friday, August 19, 2011

I Toss no More

I toss no more upon hope tainted sheets,
Conflicts within gave no cure but made me sicker.
I received a Dr . Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde affliction.

I kneeled to cry only to revitalize an evil
Through black whips of time, over and over again,
I prayed then cursed then paced through a whirlwind of emotions.

Set aside was brotherly love and a vengence,
So old yet familiar soon tripped all my pleasure centers.
They were vivid, a horror show like Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange".

Over and over it played again, leaving me drained,
Not able to attain any sense of sanity or sense of humanity for a while.
Glory be to God for one angelic momment, and a whiff of clarity.

Relief is letting go and not drifting on a memory,
What was is no more, and I'm done sweeping dirt beneath rugs
Through blackwhips of time over and over again.

I dwelled in a house of evil deeds looking for a cure,
Taking in air, so stale in a kingdom of pain and bloody venegence.

Glory is found within a angelic moment, from a whiff of clarity,
I'm no longer lost, for sure I am found again.