Wednesday, April 13, 2011


To plan my escape, I had to travel light,
And love only a few fine things,
Leaving each door that needs to stay locked
At the back stage of my life.

I ran away, and war didn't follow.
It was not beauty thats a bad design,
Those locks so often compared to fire
Did nothing but sweep my face.

I must be ready to accept graciously
Every welcome that comes whenever
Someone arrives.
This is what I know
Beyond a few more details.

For life is now a voyage on a ship.
Looking back now, I see the topless sour.
Ahead there's a storm, mishaps, and a calming shore.
Then soon they'll be a kindly woman waving.
"All past is dead and gone"


Brian Miller said...

nice bit of is like that...and i always try to travel light...

Claudia said...

travel light and love only a few fine things...stick to the good, the basics, the real...yeah - fine way to travel wilmot