Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reflections (76-91)

Inside my mind I can find
That letter you left behind
Wrapped in confusion
A vivid allusion
By the things I adore about you.

Shallow bits within my matter
Stays within my thoughts forever.
Drapped in heat
Tangled sheets,
And each curve I loved to veiw.

Made not the poet whisper once
Under the moon-one late starry night.
One lie,
One out cry
That I loved you more then two.

So many dance naked in conscious,
And I must tell the truth, forget the rhyme.
One mother
And another
Are the only one's I do love.

Yet you flocked like hungry geese
In attempt to ease my pain, erase each name.
From my heart,
My brain,
And never did I'm afraid.

O' these trips down memory lane
Gives some a bitter taste but hell I'm brave.
I told you.
I'm a story teller
Not a saint,
And this is one life lived.

Come take my hand, I'll lend you where
You may not dare to go or care to seek.
Maybe tomorrow
But I promise we'll travel safely.


Debra said...

Love the rhythm. This grabs hold of you. Nice writing.