Thursday, October 7, 2010

Like No One Did Before

My kiss does not stop at skin,
Its a voyage to your soul. I aim
For the heart, now go...

Nimble my neck so I can hover
Over you with fierce claws.
Raking slightly while I delight thee.

Now stripped to the flesh, warming
Every inch and breasts
Like no one did before.

Oh, let me fuel those ambers
That has smoldered much too long.
Give it to me, give me your all.

Stir me, arouse me, rhythmically.
Abuse my anatomy. While the
Turgid thriller beats on and on.

Quiver, moan and scream
As deep and parted cries
Comes within a burst, a forcefull end.

Kiss me softly, and I'll hold you.
May heartbeats be as one.
When heavy eyelids flutter,
You'll sleep within my arms.


25champ said...

That's foreplay at its finest :)