Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jr High Hound

The big dogs would unlash themselves
During 4th and 5th hr from the pack.

Then prowl and stalk felines
Who'd pussyfoot all around them.

They'd brush against them and purr
In short tight mini skirts.

Hoping to gain some type of treat
in exchange for attention and affection.

But like always some mangy hound
Would bark then mark his territory.

He'd growl and snarl then wolf
About fighting right at schools end.

But we knew who the puppy was.
It was the one who barked the longest.

It was the sneaky and dangerous hound.
The one the felines avoided.

For he loved to hump on playgrounds.
Piss on trees, and sniff around them.

He started cat fights and dog brawls
More then any other dog would.

Often, he'd get bitten or scratched,
Only to turn tail and run home.

But the day came when a Great Dane
Put that old brown hound dog done.

He was a bad dog yet a cool dog
From a gang of Chi Town Hustlers.


cynport247 said...

Wonderful read but watch your typos.