Thursday, October 14, 2010

Country Melodies

That guitar in the cornor
Has strummed its share of blues.
Its filled with dust and times so rough
Each string it stays untuned.

Your lovin's sweet like melodies.
Your touch like silk so smooth.
I love it all, forget me now.
You must be leavin' soon.

Our dreams, the magical scenes
Won't last forevermore.
I can't afford those fancy things,
That girls like you adore.

That guitar in the cornor
Was pawned from town to town.
I won't be glad to see you go
But we can't live off love.

I've failed at many things in life,
And I can't lie no more.
This is a truth, you can't refute.
We need much more then us.


Shashi said...

I enjoyed this one.. thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
At Twitter @VerseEverDay

Claudia said...

nice poem - thanks for linking up with one shot
sometimes sad that we think we need more than love - in a way we do - in a way we don't..

moondustwriter said...
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moondustwriter said...

This one says alot. I wonder if love is enough if it is the right person???
Don't know. It's a thought provoking poem

glad you shared with us at One Shot

moon smiles

Steve said...

Vivid blues vibe coming off this, living up to title, fitting word choices, etc. .. damn near perfect.