Friday, September 3, 2010

The Brothers Vs Robo Cop

There's not many a man
a brother won't try to defeat.
Even big bulky Robo Cop
who walked a steady beat.

The bro's paved the road
with lard and chicken grease,
two sticks of butter,
and a pound of pig feet.

When Robo came around,
he slipped and busted his ass.
Some parts broke loose,
and his vision was fading fast.

It was all over for Robo
when a wino pissed on his head.
Then the brothers got 25 dollars
after junking the man made lad.

I just love this Ghetto adventures,
and some are really true
but the poet within me, loves to play.
So folks you must stay tune.


cynport247 said...

LOL....Poor Robo hero can survive all those bad white dudes but the brothers...that's a whole different ballgame.