Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Blue Box

One day my mom asked me
to go to the store, and she said
I could keep the change.

But before I left she stressed
to get the big blue box.
That was easy, I got it.

So I ran to the store called Alley Rats
where all my friends hung out.
In hopes the girls were too.

When in that crowded little store
I told Jessie, I want the big blue box.
Then laughter started.

As the owner yelled loudly,
one box of Kotex coming up.
So now comes floods of laughter.

Boy did I feel small
watching my friends go crazy.
Yeah, I found out what there for.

Sure I healed from my pain
but then came the day
when mom sent me for a pair of stockings.


JStar said...

LMAO...I dont know why mothers do that to thier kids and husbands LOL...Thats something that I have NEVER done :)