Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Many Games

Life with her
had become mundane and very predictable.
He wanted to change the channel
but he didn't have the nerve.

The thought of yet another
trivial pursuit of happiness
was unlikely at 61.

So he continued to "Name That Tune"
in 7 notes and sometimes less
then "Beat The Clock" during romance.

Some people thought it was a bed room problem
but he had no need for viagra
he just no longer loves her.

Far too many times
she's put his life in "jeopardy"
and played sink my battle ship
on too many Mondays.

Games had put a strain on things,
and the shows never stopped,
and he just kept on playing.

"Lets Make A Deal", and "Queen For A Day",
"To Tell The Truth" then the "Wheel Of Fortune".

She wanted what she wanted
and how she wanted it.
Stay tune for "People Are Funny".


25champ said...

Wow! sounds familiar 2 me. The games ppl play and it aint just men. Good Read!