Thursday, June 3, 2010

When The Rain Came

I love the freedom of a walk
through the park
on sun shiny day.

When children play and sea gulls prey
on the crumbs tossed by a bum.

Near a splashing pool of water
but the clorine burns my eyes.

Between the hotdog smells on a popcorn trail,
the sun dries all my tears.

What I'm I gonna do, what I'm I gonna do
while wearing this bracelet,
a memento, surely earned.

From being a fool and not very cool
who was caught for several thefts.

Rather than wander in senseless ponder
about a woman and a child.

I'll think I'll set and take a breath
then sing my heartfelt song,

It's been such a long time
since I saw you.

Honey has long has been?
Is that a picture of you family?
Oh, you must be proud.
Haven't seen that smile for awhile.

I'm glad I signed those papers baby,
and I hope junior is doing fine.

You know its been years and years
but you both been on my mind.

Then on a May day when the rain came,
you washed your hands of me.

I know you don't wanna hear my story
but on bending knees I beg.

Its sad but true,
but forever I will love you, forever I'll love you.

I miss walking with you and talking with you.
I know its been years and years.

I don't think you understand,
once I was the King of my castle
but my Kingdoms gone to him.

Please don't walk away, I know its been years, and years.
Can we talk it over, just talk it over,
I got so much to say.


Carlus Wilmot said...

For some reason the pocorn will not appear on line "Between the hotdog smells on a popcorn trail.
sorry folks

Anonymous said...

The first time I read it, I read popcorn, now it reads breadcrumb..
I love, popcorn trails, makes a great point.
Rains signify different for different situations. Here you have two opposing emotions of the character and his relationship. You made clear both . Your writing has wonderful layers, reaching on all levels.