Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Rhythms

Somebody whipped it on ya good last night, uhuh.
Somebody whipped on ya good.

Yeah, you better know the difference
between love and lust
cause if you don't
you'll surely get yourself f- up.

I ain't even tryin
to rain on anybody's parade.
Perhaps I'll save a few from heartbreak and pain.

Did he hold ya real close, give you a kiss?
Did he open the car door,
does he tell ya he misses ya.

When its guys night does he call
or does he go home drunk
then make a late night booty call.

Don't get this shit twisted
some of us can be little cruel and shiftless.
Taken all we can get and yell those names I won't mention.

Humpin sweet, humpin fast and grindin long,
playing bad, eatin sass,
yeah, till the cows come home.

Somebody whipped it ya good last night, unhuh.
Somebody spanked it till the mornin' light.

You better know the difference
between the love and lust,
for your ass maybe out if you calculate wrong!


Anonymous said...

honest. and easily too. The form is a great fit for the hard core reality.