Friday, May 21, 2010

Touch And Rhythm

Each touch and rhythm in mind
is imprisoned,
jailed within my concious.

As I walk in double time
while holding on to heartbreat
that requires incissions.

Leaving me scarred, battered and tatered,
undecided and scared to even try
to share my heart again.

So happiness is the chase.
Exciting it is but not the mistakes.

Contussions and allusions, chao's and confusion,
limited bliss and lots of bs.

When will is stop, when will it quit ?
Each stitch breaks open again.


Anonymous said...

love heals, love wounds, constant inconsistent. At some point questions that, knowing the answers, do not change the need to breathe, dance and kiss.

you have expressed thoughts like a surgeon. You have shown feelings like a man who loves deeply.

25champ said...

Love is greatly apprec when there are wounds to stich up. We rarely cherish love the first time as we should so life becomes a chase for something that we already had. Great Post!