Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Broken Heart

This heart broken and shattered
With palpitations at bay,
Shan't ride the storm before the morn,
For I can't stand the pain.

This nausea, this sickness, the pittiless aches
My lingering illness.

Torments my mind and maddens my brain
She's gone, my love is gone !

To climb and explore,
The high and large elevations, her Everest.

Then fly above each somber cloud,
The patches hued with gray.

Who will save ye now ?
When left battered and bruise from falling
While lost within your endless biopolarity ?

What angel will swoop down from blue skies
And save thee from those rippling tides ?

Allow me, to offer you my broken heart,
And save you the effort of breaking many more.


25champ said...

Wow! Isn't love a powerful thing. We often volunteer ourselves to be hurt 4 the sake of another while loving endlessly. Good Read!

mantra said...

Wow. Carlus this is beautifully tragic. I adore your writing so much. This piece completely expresses the longing, sadness, and pain of love being lost.

JStar said...

I am here by way of Champ :) I am feelin your poetry, and will read more now. Check mine out!