Thursday, March 25, 2010

Each Part And Inch Unknown

Two hands touch then clasp together
As the knell, rings, dings and dongs
Within an early fog.

Lifting abit when peeks of sun shines
Upon short green flattened grass.

From bodies tangled, in assorted angles
In the sweetest tongue tip tease.

Sending tingles and shivers, so urgently given
In sweat drenched bowers of time.

Step by step the lovers kissed
As half-breath passion builds.

From rippling thrills and molten quakes
Beyond dreams or comprehension

They explored with thier eyes while in deep amore
The treasure of love was found.

Not from the couch, the floor with an ouch
Their bed with rugburned knees.

As sunlight peeks and dense fog sweeps
Across the dew kissed lawn.

They'll answer their call to worship
Each inch and part unknown.


25champ said...

Great Post! Very passionate.